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What is Lexias?


Look east

We believe that the growing appreciation of what Asia has in terms of culture, history and natural beauty offer a wealth of opportunities to the Digital Nomads, Online Freelancers, Youth travelers and Backpackers.

Lexias created an innovative accommodation formula that allows sharing a home between people who have common goals, be it professional, personal or entrepreneurial.

We aim to offer a more affordable, convenient and enjoyable lifestyle for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers.



Join the Laptop Lifestyle

We leverage our strong relationships within the localities we are in in order to create authentic experiences and activities. From the lagoons of Baquit Bay in Palawan to the shallow depts of the Siargao surfs, and the wacky night life Boracay is known for, we put our heart, soul, and sweat into providing Digital Nomads, wanderlust travelers and world-trotters with raw and exciting way to explore South East Asia while fulfilling your laptop job opportunities.

Arguably the best area to live as a digital nomad or remote worker, South East Asia in general, and the Philippines in particular is the newest destination for Digital Nomads and Freelance Online Workers.


We’re glad to tell you

Lexias provides guests with wonderful destinations to stay, travel, work indefinitely and have some fun in-between.



Hostel & Workspace Design

We strive to develop chic yet simply-designed accommodations and coworking facilities to allow Nomads to do serious work on hot desks in air-conditioned workspaces, whilst give them options to chill-out while working in outdoor workspaces with wide windows and views to open seas, blue skies, rolling hills, rice paddies and palm trees.

High speed internet, 24-hour electricity and water, kick-ass food & drinks, resort-like amenities, we’ve got all of these covered.

Naturally remote, Mindfully connected

Recreation, wellness, and authentic local experiences. Lexias is carefully designed for today’s digital nomads and independent online workers, providing them with internet connectivity that is essential for their productivity,

We are a family-style CoLiving and CoWorking hub. Our approach to our day-to day operations is personalized relationships to assure your stay with us is memorable and unforgettable.

Luxurious yet affordable

Our beds boast high-quality linens and hotel-grade mattresses with luxurious comfort. Resort-like amenities and of course, Lexias’ signature artistic touches. We aim to offer a more affordable, convenient and enjoyable way of living.


Accommodations for all kinds of budget

We provide an accommodation solution for every budget. From large room with mezzanine, female and mix dormitory rooms to tents under the stars and everything in between, embrace the lifestyle your way.

Female power

Female Nomads…..looking for something to smile about? Rejoice!

If you’re solo or hanging out with your girlfriends, you have the choice of staying in a Female only Dormitory rooms-ideal if you want to feel safe and needs a little more privacy away from other guests, and feel more comfortable in the company of other females.

Not every dormitory room accommodation is created equal – far from it. Bunk beds in dormitory rooms can be downright awful, or they can be incredibly luxurious, only at Lexias.

Our bunk beds have 9-inch double size mattresses, 2 large pillows, privacy curtains, are sturdier, made of wood and solid. Each bunk bed has shelf for your lap tops, laptops and gadgets; and other handy amenities for your bed-time needs – individual USB and power outlets, reading lights, high head spaces, clean linen and fresh towels.

Our Female Only Shared Toilet & Bath is fully equipped with gadgets essential to Female lifestyle-hair dryers, wide vanity mirrors, etc.

Great night. bad morning…rise like rockers do

From Authentic home-made recipes to locally-sourced produce, high-quality nutrition is especially important on the road…grab our 24-hour breakfast.


No matter which of our destinations you’re at, check-in with yourself. Start or end the day with Meditation or yoga….by yourself or with new found friends; customized morning or sunset routines for introducing some stability into your free lifestyle. We work, play hard, then work harder again. In your downtime, find a place of mental strength, balance, calm and ease.

In this way we awaken to greater self awareness and we respond to our life with more authenticity, intention, compassion and courage.

Here at Lexias Hostel & Workspace, weekly yoga sessions have been a refuge for peace and solitude for everyone who passes-by our way!

Authentic local adventures

Discover Asia beyond the world you are used to! From overnight camping to limestone mountain treks, scooter rides, swimming in enchanted lagoons, surfing on deserted beaches, multiple day and night island expeditions, catamaran day tours – authentic adventures of your life.


We provide our community with an inspirational environment and highspeed WiFi, perfect for completing tasks, networking, and working remotely.


Decided to try out staying at a hostel this time instead of an Airbnb or a hotel. I am sooo glad I did!!!! This place is amazing! Not what I thought a hostel would be like! So clean, the space created for the travelers is amazing and the vibe is super chill. They also have have a menu for food here and a bar. The food is amazing The best part is that I paid only $60 to stay here for 4 nights!!! So pretty much what I would pay for 1 night at a fancy resort, I will pay for my whole stay including food and daily activities! Trying new things is definitely paying off. Don't be scared of trying

Facebook Review #1 Veronika Winski

We have stayed at Lexias Hostel El Nido in March 2022 and we were very happy. The rooms are very good (as in the photos), the perfect air conditioning, the incredible views... The owner Ed helped us a lot with our trip. Besides the food is very cheap, you can also cook there, and the WiFi works very well (I have worked without any problem). It is a bit far from El Nido, so you have to take the tuktuk from the hostel (free) to go down to the street and then take another tricycle to the town. But it is located on Maremegmeg Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches there. We recommend 100%!

Trip Advisor Review #1 Samantha Lacheny


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